Run a competition with World Gin Day

Would you like to run a competition on the run up to World Gin Day? Competitions are run on the World Gin Day and Gin Monkey social channels, which reach 50+ million people every year (during the week on the run-up to the day itself)!

Fill in your details in the form below to start the conversation!

Please bear in mind that there are only limited slots available for these competitions due to logistics and time constraints (and the fact that I run World Gin Day by myself!). Only successful applications will be contacted for follow up.

Competition submission form

  • Please include the number of bottles, and full details of the brand and prize.
    If the prize involves a physical item(s) that need to be sent to the winner the competition will run in your country only. Please tick the box below to guarantee you will post directly to the winner within a week of receiving their details from World Gin Day.
    NOTE: each channel must have its own prize, so if you would like to post to twitter and facebook it's two bottles minimum.
  • Contact name and email address MINIMUM