7/8/9 - 06 - 2019


A 3 day celebration of Juniper and Gin. In a region of Italy, Abruzzo, which is full of Juniperus Communis and other Juniper species, we're going to celebrate Gin properly, with a focus on local spirits.

Drinks, seminars and product presentations will have place in a bar located in Francescan park, with a stunning view and atmosphere. If you're a drink tourist, you'll probably want to visit Atri for a Gin and Tonic, after a day spent on the 10km far aways beaches.

Una  celebrazione del Ginepro e del Gin, nella splendida cornice della Villa Comunale di Atri. Drinks, seminari e presentazioni. Ogni giorno ci sarà un approfondimento specifico:

  • Come si prepara il Gin and Tonic?
  • Cocktail Negroni, 100 anni di storie e varianti.
  • Come si fa il Gin?


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