Virtual events, a guide: 

Virtual events are a brilliant chance to get your brand in front of gin loving consumers around the world! From wherever you are, you can join tours and tastings from the comfort of your own home, and it opens up the possibility of getting a behind-the-scenes look at so many more distilleries than you’d be able to get to in person! 

What kind of event?

From a virtual distillery tour to online tastings, cocktail tutorials and parties, there’s plenty of scope to get creative (as ever!). 

Just make sure it is open to all and is designed to provide value to the gin loving community. Simple!


As there are hundreds of brilliant gin brands out there, and given virtual tastings can be accessed around the world, online World Gin Day events can take place any time during the month of June.

Events throughout the month will get the same level of exposure on the site, and through social media as ones around the day itself* – let’s turn this into an epic month-long celebration of all things gin!

*in fact you might find you have less competition with other brands at the start or end of the month.

Providing gin

Having your gin to hand is not an essential element of your online session, many gin fans are happy with getting a behind-the-scenes tour and insight from you the owner/producer as to why your gin is awesome.

However, if you want to make your session interactive you may want to consider where people can get their hands on your gin prior to an online tasting, with many brands choosing to offer discounts to entice people to pick up a bottle (or mini) to crack open during the online event.

If you produce a number of gins, consider putting together a pack of miniatures that people can buy. Services like Master of Malt in the UK  can offer useful services, like their dramming programme – check the ‘Build your own Tasting Set’ page.

If you’re a small distillery consider teaming up with other distilleries you have a good relationship with, and ship a mini for each of your tastings together in one box.

How to submit an event to the site

Simply click on the button below and fill in the online form, taking care to provide engaging information – WHY should people want to come to your online session?

To manage the countdown functionality all listings should be converted to GMT. There’s an area where you can fill in more information on the timings, including listing local timezones.

Please list a contact email address so that I can follow up with any questions or clarifications around your event. This will not be made public.